ItzaCon 6 and Anime Day 2 November 13 - 14, 2004 at the Richardson Square Mall for a 2-Day Multi-genre mini-con of Sci-Fi, Gaming, Anime, Fantasy, Fun, and Relaxation.

Price: $6.00 a day or $10.00 for the whole weekend. Gates open at 10am. Now You can purchase your Membership Online!

Events and Features:

Event Schedule

-Video Room
-Misfits of Comedy (Fan-based Comedy Panel in the style of Whose Line is
it Anyway, hosted by Goatboy)
-HALO Tournament sponsored by EBX - more info on that soon!
-Gaming of various types
-Makoto Arena
-Origami Class (Japanese paper-folding art)
-Dealers with Anime, SF, Fantasy, Costume, All Manner of Goodies
-Dance on Sat. Night (Japanese and Dance Music)
-Guest Speakers & Autograph Sessions
-Artists Alley (tables still available - write for sign
up forms)

Guests Include:

-Kyle Hebert - voice actor (DBZ, Blue Gender, etc.)
-Xero Reynolds - composer, artist
-Bruce Lewis - animator, manga-styled comic artist
-Stephanie Nadolny - voice actor (tentative)
-Carter – voice (“Bojack”, in new DBZ movie)
-Caitlyn Glass – voice “Full Metal Alchemist”, “Spiral”

Dealers Info

Live Action Gaming Updated!!!

Announcement: Due to insurmountable difficulties, we regret to inform that rpga module play will not be available for play at Itzacon. There will be RPGA gaming at next year's Akon.

FOOD FOR FEN: Italia Express, the pizza place at the food court, will run an Itzacon special for our fans - one of their large pizzas, unlimited toppings for $10. You MUST order it from the Itzacon Service Desk to get this deal (they won't honor it for just anybody walking up), then we will go place and pick up the order and bring it back for you. These pizzas are huge and very tasty! Pick up an order form at the Itzacon Service Desk. There are lots of other food-things available around and in the mall as well.

A-Kon Memberships, T-Shirts, etc. will also be available at the Itzacon Service Desks located at the front by the mall entrance, and in the back by the parking lot entrance.